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My 2 cents. I agree, and disagree with a lot being said. I to, have been one of those people scammed by Paypal. I had sold an item on eBay. Seller received it, claimed it wasn't as described, and supposedly shipped it back. I never received the package, post office didn't know what happened to the package, and because this person provided a tracking number that said it was delivered, they debited my account for the refund. I was out of the money, and the product. For this reason I started going unverified. This worked good for me until they started putting holds on funds received from eBay sells. Now I sell something on eBay, I have to pay for shipping, ship the item, and wait a for the buyer to receive it and leave positive feedback, or 3 days after buyer has received it. I sell to make money, not to waste time.

IMO, I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to work out PP fees with a seller or buyer. Sometimes, just to be able to sell an item you have to take a loss, so I believe in minimal loss. I am guilty of offering 2 prices, a full price, and a gifted price. But that is on items that are already priced way too low, and im taking a hit on. That gives you the option to go for protection, or save money. I am an honest seller and buyer, so I don't have any problems with it. I think like everything else in life, you should have the right to a decision, but also be prepared to accept the consequences if you make a bad decision.
In the end, I can trust PayPal as much as I can trust those offering gifted payment. If its between them losing money, or you losing money, guess what, you will be the loser.

Happy buying, and buy with caution.
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