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Originally Posted by Azalyn View Post
Very nice jock. But be careful with that motor you are using. I have the same. The set screw on the bottom (on the up side in your picture) that holds the shaft it can be loosen easily because of vibration. Mine get lost. I'll machine a longer shaft for it.

BTW i am interested with the mount. Please keep me informed about price.
Cool - thanks for that - I may remove it and reloctite it then..

I'll let you all know about the mount when I hear any news from the guy..

Good news on your success with this motor thou - it's very hard to find an appropriate KV one.. took me a while to decide on using this one..

PS: I started working on a generator for my Radikal G20 ages ago.. ended up putting it on hold trying to make a strong enough mount.. then ended up selling the radikal and getting the helibug. Been meaning to put a generator on the 700 ages ago but never got around to it due to problems making a good mount till a forum friend showed me his and I loved it so he made me one too..

@Azalyn - how have you mounted your generator ?
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