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Originally Posted by questerng View Post
It rain too much here.. My flat clear turn up frosty..

Just maiden it.. with not enough power to get it above 1 foot..

Badfrog.. you are right.. It's too heavy.. we need brushless set-up..
Questerng, Nice looking build! and yes, definetely need at least the c05 probably the H05 or maybe even bigger! after burning a tail mosfet and getting the board repaired (thanks Cartrixx!) I put it back together and ran into the same issue. I could get it up off the ground, but it was REAL squirrally and way underpowered. After the holidays I am going to do a BL mod... really need two, on for my stocker and one for the Hog.
I am still looking for a Bell 47 kit to build...
Team "Wife" sponsored pilot... Thanks Baby!!!
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