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Default kind of disappointing

Hey Finless, hope you don't get offended but this group of vids is not so good. Great to go through the menus but as I program my first heli into my DX8 I find it is quite a bit different than my DX7. For instance the gyro gain on a DX7 goes 0-49% RATE mode and on the DX8 it is negative numbers. I can't seem to get my throttle hold to work correctly.

You should make another vid where you actually set up a CP heli with all the settings for a +/-12 deg, HH and RATE modes and throttle hold. Of course I will have it figured out in an hour or so as I just pulled out the manual but really, you coverage of this material is not complete.

Sorry to wine, I've watched many of your vids and this is the first I thought was weak. Hopefully you will update this series to fill in the gaps.
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