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Chris just called me on the phone while he was fast asleep and confirmed the 1000$ mini turbine intro price!

I specifically heard Chris mumble about a TRex 600N killer and after a few months the Intro price WILL DROP to 500$ RTF including the Wren turbine!

I said "Chris thats like bringing a Bazooka to a knife fight!"

Chris .."Garland, yes exactly thats how Bergen gets down! They import piddly nitros and we answer with hi powered compact Turbines.
Ya gotta understand Bergen's mission to rescue every heli flier from low power to weight helis! Our unsurpassed quality helicopter models are locked and loaded and ready to winchester (empty magazine) on the RC Heli market...."

"Umm Chris.... My friend... Did you fall asleep watching Chuck Norris movies again??"

Chris mumbles..."Delta Force forever...."

There ya have it! Straight from the main man's mouth!
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