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Originally Posted by ewoodcox View Post
Hey Finless, hope you don't get offended but this group of vids is not so good. Great to go through the menus but as I program my first heli into my DX8 I find it is quite a bit different than my DX7. For instance the gyro gain on a DX7 goes 0-49% RATE mode and on the DX8 it is negative numbers. I can't seem to get my throttle hold to work correctly.

You should make another vid where you actually set up a CP heli with all the settings for a +/-12 deg, HH and RATE modes and throttle hold. Of course I will have it figured out in an hour or so as I just pulled out the manual but really, you coverage of this material is not complete.

Sorry to wine, I've watched many of your vids and this is the first I thought was weak. Hopefully you will update this series to fill in the gaps.
The manuals were practically useless for me. The things I needed clarrification on really weren't covered in any detail if at all in the manual. These vids would have helped me get further quicker, had they been availble in the spring!

I've had my DX8 for about 8 months and had to figure most of that out on my own, and some things now work for me but I don't 100% get why. Like why is enabling TH not more straight forward (sorry... can't walk you through it without doing a new model from scratch, and you've probably got it figured out by now anyway). And the other that baffled me just last night was getting the gear ch assigned to the gear switch.... turns out that the switch select menu calls the switch that's labled 'Gear' on mine 'Mix'. I just had to sit down and start assigning channels to switches until I got it figured out....

These initial vids didn't knock it out of the park for me, but I've been flying with mine for a little over 6 months, most of the content that was covered was pretty basic so far but they're not complete yet.

Even if they were pretty basic so far, like every one of Finless' series, I got at least one bit of new info that made me go "wait... what!?" For me this easter egg was the clear/back method of changing models without powering off! And I now use the 'back' button a lot more in menus, it's way more useful than I initally assumed.

Can't wait for the rest of them and thanks Bob! The only reaso I checked on the thread was to see if there were any updates yet
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