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hi all, just a quick update, to activate throttle hold you need to goto the system setup menu and activate TH mode on the F Mode Setup screen.

Switch setup I INH all switches, I will go over this a bit more when I program my retracts and lights on my 500 airworf fuse
the gyro gain is pretty straight forward, 51-100 is HH so 50% on DX8 is the same as 75% on a DX6i or DX7. If you have your gain set at 70% on a DX7 that is 40% on a DX8. RATE mode is the same but with negitive numbers. So 30% gain on a DX6i/7 is -40% on the DX8.

I'm really loving my DX8, wish I could stop the timer once it starts but I have lipo monitors on all my helis so I suppose that is not so important.

thanks for the great vids Finless, you taught me much of what I know about helicopter setup

Happy flights all and happy new year!
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