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Originally Posted by ewoodcox View Post
I'm really loving my DX8, wish I could stop the timer once it starts but I have lipo monitors on all my helis so I suppose that is not so important.

thanks for the great vids Finless, you taught me much of what I know about helicopter setup

Happy flights all and happy new year!
Glad you got the TH figured out, sorry I couldn't be more help but like I said, it became one of those things that once I figured it out I just did it, but I can't tell you how without starting a new model and walking through it again and I don't have the energy right now

The timer I found works best for me on throttle in AND out with the trigger at 25%. It only trips on actual throttle channel position, not stick position, and will automatically pause the timer if I have to put down for some reason in the middle of the flight. It suits me well, and although not perfect, I'd only realistically be taking out a few seconds more if if I'm still hitting TH at 0:00 than if I hadn't been interrupted. This way I never have to remember to start or stop the timer, only to reset it when I change packs.
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