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Originally Posted by AtTheCross View Post
funny, i have a 500 class md500 that i just started working on for my FC, i'm thinking that on the new v2 motor it will 'work' but agree would be better on 4s.

be sure to post your finished heli and i'll do the same
I'm not even thinking of trying to fit the FC in the Align A-109 fuse...I've got an EXI 500 with a Copter-X flapping 4-blade for that. I've got to work on my basic piloting skills some more before I think about finishing that project. I have thought about a less-expensive 500-class fuse for the FC though, but I'm still in the "thinking" phase.

I seem to recall from one of your mega-threads at another site that you have to shorten a 500 boom slightly when doing your belt mod. Excuse the noob question, but why do you have to do that? Seems to me that if you left the boom as-is, it could be fitted into a 500 fuse with fewer modifications. I assume it must have something to do with available belt lengths? This is way out of my league at the moment, but I'm just curious.
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