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Originally Posted by Fastredrover View Post
Hi there.

Having trouble getting hold and throttle cut to work on my CC controlers with fixed RPM gov mode.
I have assigned my hold to the rudder D/R switch but I can not seam to get the throttle cut value for auto bail out to this switch, it stays with the default HOLD switch.
So I have two throttle hold values
You can assign different switches for throttle cut, can not remember what they are but
Rudder D/R is not one
Am I doing some thing wrong or do you guys have a work around.

Thanks In advance.
Worked it out and happy with result.
Just swapped the roles of the two switches by adjusting there values.
Rudder D/R "hold" is set to the auto rotation window of the CC controler.
HOLD switch is set to zero, CC arming.

Use Rudder D/R for auto's, flip back out will give fast spool bail out.
HOLD switch will give ESC arming and from there slow spool up.
This frees up normal F-MOD which was zero throttle as per castle's quick tip video
giving a third head speed if I chose to use it.
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