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Originally Posted by Tuonoblu77 View Post
Hello at all,
I need some help to tune tail of my Trex700 nitro with V-bar blu linee ver.5.2.5:

1 problem) If I do some pitch pumps from the hovering the tail rotate CCW more or less 5 °-10° and after an instant back in axis. Seems it reacts a bit late then recovers. I have a fast tail servo MKS BLS980.

2 problem) If I do some fast CCW piro and stop, tail stop perfet but if I do some CW piro and stop, tail go beyond 5°- 10° and after an instant back in axis.

Below you can find my settings for tail,
Thanks for the help
Blu77 and Crash,

Try setting your P gain, I gain, and acceleration to 75/75/75 and your collective and cyclic precomps to 13 and 3, respectively. Enable your optimizer and then go tune your common gain.

A common gain of 70 is very low for a 90-sized machine and is likely the cause of your ccw kicking in punch just don't have enough holding power at that low value. Once you've tuned your common gain per my OP or MrMel's videos, adjust the stop gains to get the tail stopping that you're after.

See my post #31 on adjustment of precomps with respect to P and I gain, should you find the need to tweak them further.

Good luck!


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