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I origally used the msr blades 'cause they go right on the stock grips, now I'm into the BMCX2/MCX2 Lower blades. (they are the correct direction) I used a couple of canopy grommets to take up the side to side slop, But if U raise the main shaft up a bit the BMCX2 Lower main rotor head works perfectly with the stock o-rings from the feathering pin on the plastic one built onto the blades. Performance is great for me. Had a Heck of a time flying it out of the box, but it seams like the gyro isn't working as hard with this setup as it has less slop than normal. The blades are much lighter, more surface area, which does not seem to create any more drag, but MUCH more lift. Main motor stays cool too, guess it's not working as hard, as I'm not using much throttle. Flight times are better than Out of Box. At $3-$4 a set I get a set of HI-PO blades grips-balls-and feathering pin. Pop the links, pop on 2 o-rings (that stay in place) 2 screws on the sides after they snap together and hold in place! EASY I don't break 'em very often, and I can allways get 'em at the store and get flyin' again. Warning: They don't fold, so cut power before a crash. Duh. Barely sand/file the ends of the rotor head so U can get the O-rings to not bind. If U don't use O-rings there is slop. It can be done without changing the rotor head, but the gap that needs to be taken up with canopy grommets(stock Head) is so much the plastic feathering pin built in breaks more easily. Hope that helps. Also the Mpcx TailBoom rotor mod rocks. You can give it serious thrust fast without blowing out the tail. Got a BMCX shaft (longer) so I can Keep both rotor head combos to play with. If you move the main gear down flush with the lip on the gear, and mount the new rotor head flush with the top of the shaft it worked well for me. It also seems that the Gyros need a flight or two to "Re-Calibrate" (sorta) after mods. Let me know how it goes, as you might be the only other one to try this out.......
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