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Originally Posted by ewoodcox View Post
I'm really loving my DX8, wish I could stop the timer once it starts but I have lipo monitors on all my helis so I suppose that is not so important.
Actually, I recently became aware via another thread of a way to toggle the Timer on/off using the TH switch, or any other switch configuration you prefer. On the Timer menu, choose the option Throttle Out. In my case, I'm using the CC governor/set RPM mode with Autorotation box checked on the CC software. My DX8 Throttle Curves are straight line N-0%, IDLE 1-30%, IDLE 2-70%, H-16%. I have the Timer set for Count Down with Throttle Out 30%. Now, any time the motor is powered, the timer is also automatically running. Whenever the motor is not powered, either N F-Mode and/or TH engaged, the timer automatically stops. This works very well during autorotations regardless of throttle stick position.
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