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Default X4 Unboxing

A few photos from the unboxing.

excerpts from the build thread -

....The Scorpion motor can is a thing of beauty. Someone did some great artwork here. Inside the can is a GM-504 motor, bullet connectors for the ESC and 3 decals. The motor was sealed in a bag - it has a thin film of grease/oil on it. The gold anodizing has a rich and quality look.

The ESC came bundled with instructions that are in perfect English. That is nice. The 66 amp unit is good for up to 6 cells and has an onboard SBEC which will deliver 3 amps at 5 volts - plenty.

The box that contains the kit is inside a sleeve that was a bear to get off - tight fit. Once out it opens up to a canopy and a manual and nothing else - it looks empty. A section on the right lifts up to reveal a large single bag with almost all the parts in it. Only the long pieces are loose in the bottom of the box. The big bag contains 19 smaller bags that appear to be very well organized. I will open these as I go. Thread lock and grease is supplied along with things like straps and blade holders. All major components (i.e. the head) are assembled. These will have to come apart for threadlock and lubrication.

The photo of the canopy below does not do it justice. It has a deep red fading to light scheme which is eye catching. It is also very narrow. From what I have seen so far, in the box and on the web, this will be a narrow Heli!

The instruction manual is clearly printed and came with servo wire wrap stickers to identify each.

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