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Default My Hawk-RC 10A ESC/converter and hp05s motor thread

My Hawk-RC brushless 10A ESC/converter and hp05s have finally arrived after stuck at Canada Customs for a week, way longer than the time in transit from Hong Kong to Canada Customs (2 days) and from Customs to my door (6 hours).

First test is a straight swap out (plug-and-play) of my 6A ESC for direct comparison with my current c05m v2 motor setup. Somehow the new ESC was programmed at low timing advance. A quick re-pogram and it's ready to go. The new ESC feels every same way as the 6A ESC except that burst power is stronger. No random speed drop. Smooth part throttle response (between 0-50%), maybe smoother than 6A ESC but I'm not sure. I spend very little time using this throttle range. With my current setup I don't go beyond 85% pitch ATV as the motor just bogs with not much lift gain. With the 10A ESC I try 97.5% pitch ATV and it really pops so much so the stock 6mm tail can't hold.

Next is hp05s installation. It's more involving than the c05m v2 installation in terms of amount of material to be removed from the stock frame. That said, it takes no sweat to remove material with my dremel. Be aware that the right servo mount post is one point that's easy to miss. Also, make sure the wires coming out of the motor don't prevent the motor to be mounted flat on the frame. I place my hot-glue gun tip on a piece of aluminum flashing leaning against the heat-shrink tube coming out of the motor to soften it and lay it flat so that the motor can be mounted flat on the stock frame. Even with as little material removed as possible from the stock frame, I can see how the frame is weakened. Before my frame brace and 8T shipment arrive from Astoid Designs, I'll try not to do something crazy to stress the frame for now.

To get the gear mesh run-in, I use my indoor model on my DX6i to fly a few batteries. This indoor model runs tamed-down throttle curves and cyclic ATVs. Flies perfectly smooth with absolutely no vibration. Perfect gear mesh. I don't know if the 10A ESC has its part-throttle response tweaked or if the hp05s is less efficient at part-throttle or because I'm running 9T or my hp05s is one of the stronger ones (in terms of current draw) out of the batch, this new setup is running a lower head speed than the c05m v2 setup running the same indoor model with the same amount of part-throttle. Flight time with hovering and simple circling is a mere 4:00. In comparison, the c05m v2 setup does 5:30+.

It's time to switch to the full throttle outdoor model. I know the head speed is going to be crazy so I start off with 50% pitch ATV. First spin-up is like "wow, that's some serious head speed". Next thing I get is... "vibration". It's the kind of vibration when you go to neg pitch and back to pos pitch then the bird shivers sideways at about 10Hz. This vibration did not occur at the lower head speed with the c05m v2 motor setup. Even at mid-discharge state with a tiny bit lower head speed this vibration doesn't happen. After replacing the couple old pitch links with new ones (they got quite a bit loose) and checking everything for balance, vibration can still happen. I know it'll take more time to investigate but for now I just take it easy and if I don't give neg pitch then it's fine with no vibration at all. Full pos pitch pop is very solid which is understandable with this head speed. Just for kicks I programmed the gyro/gear switch on my Tx to boost pitch ATV to 75% and full pos pitch pop is crazy! Flight time with hovering, some simple circling, and a few full pos pitch pumps (no way I can do full neg pitch in my bedroom) gets me 3:30. In comparison, the c05m v2 setup gets me 4:30+.

After a few flights it's time for some thrust tests. I know it's not going to be the best results with the vibration in mind. The head speed with 9T is just crazy. Even with just 50% pitch ATV, I get 134g peak thrust and 110g continuous thrust.

Although neither the motor nor ESC run hot in the thrust tests, it's quite apparent that the tests are pushing the 300mAh batteries and perhaps the connector as well. All my batteries (Nanotech 300, Lightning Power 300, Hawk-Power 300, Hyperion 250) run quite noticeably warmer than running thrust tests with the c05m v2 motor. Blue LED on the 3-in-1 board getting dimmer and thrust #s getting worse at 65% pitch ATV are also good indications. On hindsight, I should've tried lower pitch ATV and see if I could get even bigger thrusts. The significantly higher head speed is more prone to vibration and therefore during thrust tests the gyros are confused and induce cyclic correction even though the heli has no attitude change while strapped down, thus bogging down motor and reducing max thrust. I have to momentarily engage throttle hold to "reset" swash tilt back to level between each full collective.

Time to work on the vibration while waiting for my frame brace and 8T to arrive. Also need to consider changing battery plug to JST or micro deans. ...all those "good" problems to have with good power.
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