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Default Servos and Head

I have run into some challanges and am on hold now and will be in touch with Gaui - this should be interesting! I am stuck.

excerpts from the build -

...Mounting the pair of servos looked easy from there. This is what that long bondhus driver is for - the motor is in the way and you have to hit the heads at an angle. The long 14 mm screws supplied in the kit are unfortunately not long enough and simply stripped 0.97 mm of thread out of the head block when I tried to tighten the first one - guess I should have checked the length before trying. The hole in the block is 3mm deep. The screw protrudes 0.97 mm from the pair of servo....

....I shortened some 18 mm bolts and secured the two front servos. The rear head servo went in easily with the same oversized arms...

The rudder servo requires a long arm? My understanding of Gyro and rudder servo combinations is to keep those arms short. It won't work on this heli as designed because the rear cover plate and spacer block the exit for the rudder push rod if you use a short arm. You have to use a long one to clear the spacer and get the rod up near the boom? I have no idea how I am going to get the ball link on - it is covered up and very hard to access unless you take the arm off. This would not be too difficult but the long arm that came with the savox servo (see previous post) has more meat on it then the standard arms and the screw barely makes it through to the splined shaft and of course started to strip when tightened It is now CA'd t o keep it from loosening - removable for sure but less than ideal.

The head and swash plate components are generally threadlocked. So far I have not been able to get the blade grips off. I have heated them and torqued them as much as I dare. They are not budging. I am concerned I will damage them and will be in touch with Gaui before going further.


The head does not fit on the main shaft - no way. I have lubricated the shaft - the hole is too small when you get about half way up the shaft. There is a partial shoulder there which is part of the compression/grip system. I suspect it will need to be drilled or milled out - Again I will be in contact with Gaui before Proceeding.

I am on hold and keen to hear from Gaui on how they suggest I proceed?

Interesting - there are also quite a number of unused holes that look like they have redesigned things - the servos are not centered in the cut outs either - nothing like building on the leading (bleeding) edge.

Also - not sure how i feel about having to threadlock servo screws. I hope they won't need heating to get out - plastic may not enjoy the experience.
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