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After installing Astoid Designs frame brace and spending a couple of days waiting for good weather and working out the vibes issues, I finally have a chance to fly it at the park today. It's like a whole new bird even compare to my c05m v2 setup. I haven't got the 8T on because even after heating the 9T on the motor I still can't get it off. Will get a gear puller for that later.

It's quite windy today (32km/h wind) so I can't use my favorite park on top of the hill which is highly susceptible to wind/gusts. It's still quite windy at my alternative flying park but the high head speed of the hp05s copes with it quite well. It takes some time to get use to the new found power, especially when starting this new setup in the wind (e.g. gain altitude during flips). Max flip rate is noticeably faster with 100% cyclic D/R (and 30% expo) where it used to bog down the main motor. For now I limit max pitch travel to 69% (and +10% boost with the gyro/flap switch) because of the 9T instead of 8T and the stock 6mm tail motor can't hold. I have a new 7mm tail motor with tail boom ready but at the last minute I found out there's some power glitch to the tail motor (most likely connector issue) so I stick with the 6mm for today.

I set my flight timer to 3:00 and a few times I get greedy and try to fly it a bit longer and it hits LVC around 3:40. Because of the higher current draw, LVC actually kicks in sooner. Of all the cases LVC kicks in, no-load resting voltage is still above 3.70V. Of the times I stop at 3:00, no-load resting voltage ends up around 3.79-3.80V.

Since I fly idle-up mode 99.9% of the time, I figure I use my normal mode throttle just for take-off/landing/precision flying. I set my normal curve to 0-15-25-37.5-50. Note that with plug-and-play operation, anything above 60% equals 100% throttle. The more I use this throttle range the more I believe this ESC runs better throttle resolution between 0-50% throttle compare to the old 6A ESC. I can actually fly in normal mode with this throttle curve like a stock bird. Neither the ESC nor motor run hot even with this throttle curve. For idle-up throttle curve I run 100% flat.for now. Might try something else later.

With limited day light and batteries (down to 8 now, 1 Hyperion and 1 Lightning Power died), I can't try out many things at once. Will have to wait for another flying day weather. I'm happy with the setup so far.

Sorry about picture quality. Last time I used my 808 cam I set its focus to super close-up to aim at the swashplate from the tail boom. I forgot to set the focus back to normal.

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