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Originally Posted by SuperBee364 View Post
are you going to be sticking with the 300 and 250mah lipos? I'm gonna buy some Hyperion 550 (or are they 500's? Still need coffee this morning) when I switch over to the HP05. I'm sure you already know this, but they come with JST's installed.
I'll buy some Hyperion 550 and Nanotech 600 for sure. That's why I wonder if it's good time to upgrade to JST connector. And then I thought about making a JST-to-2-mCPx connectors to try out running 2 300mAh batteries in parallel. But then, if I need to solder battery wires on the ESC anyways maybe I just try soldering on another battery plug to test 2P first. So many things so little time before flying weather today.

To be honest, a 3:00 flight time doesn't seem too bad actually. I use to set my timer for c05m v2 setup very conversatively at 3:30 and 3:00 doesn't feel too bad. But then, once I get 550/600 batteries I'll upgrade to twin-tail or 120SR tail and up max pitch travel.
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