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Originally Posted by f.a.r.m.e.r View Post
Hey tnt its me bay.area.heli

My new vacuum formed sleek fpv drone canopy, this one is the dupont kbdd day glow orange tint lexan, I have dupont kbdd day glow green aswell goint to tint one tonight that way you can match your mcpx green hornet lol

I have clear aswell.

It has a hood scoop for internal camera mounting, the canopy mounts just like the stock canopy but much tighter fit, it also helps with the over pitching and tracks better in fast foward flight because of the shape and its opened in the back for airflow so you dont get sudden pitch changes the stock canopy causes ballooning especially in wind

Hope yall like it..

Whats up man. I am feeling the canopy its tight . I got to have it hook a brother up .

Be blessed

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