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Finally read through all this.
Am I to understand correctly that you are using the V3 tail and 6mm bullet with the hp05?
I still have yet to watch the videos as I have to wait for morning when I can use my speakers so I don't wake people up. I will come back to look at your flight performance.

I don't like using this big heavy 120SR motor it makes the heli move funny. lol
I may go back to 6mm bullet or Liftbag dual barrel 6mm action soon.
I need to order the brace and mount from A-D and new packs from Hawk-RC
More money I don't have lol

For now just keep choking the brushed one along on the stock dead batteries until it goes up in smoke at some point.

Good to hear the hawk 10A PNP is workin' out so clean.
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