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Nah I saw one of your videos before you did a nice upright circle under good control and some climbout testing.

I think you have some good info going around broman it's good to read and watch your stuff. I'm not one to judge people on flight skill. You were doing rainbows the other day.

Some dudes just pick up the heli and smash it all over and I kinda get scared. I don't get that feeling from your vids. hehehe

To be honest I don't know how to hover steady all this flipping and tossing gives me a headache and drains my pocketbook.

As long as we are all having fun. Everyone's input helps. I take all this info in like a sponge.
I can't wait until I get to work in my M5 or whatever they call it!
Until then I'm able to obtain my fix absorbing information like this.
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