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Default HS65MG's getting killed

OK Here's my story

This is depressing.

Servo type HS65MG

Gyro setting 1520us analog for the cyclics, and 1520us digital for the rudder JR 3400G

ESC is Align 35a ESC RCE-BL35X

I got the Tarot head and Gyro last week. I went thru the setup routine and went out to maiden last Sunday. got to the field and decided it made sense to spool it up without blades just to make sure everything was kosher. after about a minute of running I noticed the aileron servo connected to channel 1 wasn't moving no matter what the stick input. I disconnected the motor and switched the servos around in the gyro just to see and the servo was dead. I figured since I bought a used bird maybe that one was weak so I went buy the LHS and picked up another one.

It's the aileron servo in a 450SE V2 so replacing it is major surgery.

I replaced it yesterday and wrestled with the setup but finally got it dialed in so

I pull the blades again got out to the front porch and spool it up again.

After about a minute aileron servo is dead again.

At this point I'm really wishing I had gone for the beastx from a US based seller.

I guess I'll email Infinity Hobby and see what they say but my hopes aren't really high at this point.

How likely is it that something else is the cause other than the gyro?

edit PS: BEC output is 6.02 volts according to my highly reliable digital multi meter
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