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Originally Posted by johnahamelv View Post
Throttle Hold can also be considered a flight mode, for a total of 4 flight modes. It certainly would be nice if the F-Mode switch was a 4-way switch with the appropriate firmware to support it. With the Castle governor mode and autorotation bailout option checked, N F-mode is kept at 0%, and TH at the highest % that will not power the electric motor. This leaves only two F-modes that will power the motor, Stunt 1 and Stunt 2, to activate only two of the three possible governor settings (30%, 70%, 100%). If you want to active the 3rd governor setting you would have to manually change the % in the Throttle Curve screen while the helicopter is on the ground.

Like jhheli alluded above, having a Stunt 3 would allow you to use all 3 governor settings (30%, 70% and 100%) at the flip of the switch while in flight.
You don't have to set your normal to 0% flat like Castle says. You can set it to 0-30-30-30-30 which will still give you normal flight mode, but this way you can only arm the ESC with the throttle stick in the bottom position. I have mine set in gov. mode with autorotation bailout enabled and my TH curves are N 0-30-30-30-30, ST1 70 flat and ST2 100 flat. Works like a charm.

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