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Default Hughes "Cayuse" Scale mCP X

Hi everybody.

Very impressed with all the scale models I have seen so far... Great Work!

I enjoy hugely flying my mCP X, but I am also a big fan of scale helis, so...

I am in the process of converting (oops, wishful thinking... more like experimenting with) a mCP X into a Loach (OH-6) which would require a 4 blade head, it looked like the easiest conversion (yeah I know how that sounds). I am working on a home brew version but had some issues building my own parts like the feathering shafts for the 4 blade rotor head that fit the 3mm carbon mast, that I found, not to talk about with phasing, torque problems, blown tail, etc... (If I ever get something worth while showing, I will post pictures)
I was hoping that somebody maybe has come up with something usable by now. I read that someone had build a semi working 4 blade (It might be the same that was mentioned in a previous post, not sure)... as well as about a guy in Germany that had a 5 blade (for a MD500 D) in the works...

Anybody has any information, advice, cautionary tale, laughable remarks at me? Anything and everything very welcome...

Thanks so much for your help!

Fly safe!

(Hopefully soon with a Loach)
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