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I've seen other use the vice but not clamping on the stator. I think clamping the stator as you explained can distort it I guessing.

instead they used a wood dowel that fit tightly through the stator inner diameter and then clamp in a vice. Seem like a safer option.

Originally Posted by ZuvieleTeile View Post
I would like to ask all of you, what other kind of equipment you use.

E.g. a lot of guys do a 1000 Volt test. Can be done with special Insulation Tester/ Megger.
What kind of experience you do have with those.
Looked some handheld ones up on the net. They go from 40 bucks up to 1500 bucks.
Big difference. I don't know, if we have use for all those expensive built-in features.
What do we really need here?

On the same token, how do you guys hold your stator. With a vice or by hand?

I saw the vice method in the winding video and found it a good idea except the jaws didn't have any soft cover, aluminum, lead etc.
So, I prepared my small Hobby vice in a way by fabricating two pieces of Lexan, which are screwed to the jaws in order to protect the stator from getting damaged.
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