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Originally Posted by _Dekker View Post
Great that HF has a special winding subforum now
No need for a vise, I also use my hands and the Knippex pliers posted in post #2. That is the best investment you can do! You don't need to grind it, a couple of good steel files (and a vise for clamping the pliers) will do the trick quicker than you think. Doing that with a dremel will take much longer.
The Megger I use is a China version, selectable in 250V, 500V and 1000V. Works great!
In regards to the width of the Knipex, did you grind/file it smaller, or does it fit in the slot of our 40mm and up stators?
Funny thing, yesterday I ordered the same Megger. It is pretty cheap, so no harm done, if it is not sufficient or fails.
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