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Originally Posted by pakk View Post
any tips on assembling the mTDR canopies? I've attempted to make 3 and they all look like sh!t.
I hear ya, I think after my 10th one they started to look better

Just practice you will eventually get the hang of it. The bottom portion is tricky so what I did was cut it off and used it as a template. Now my bottom is one piece just like the top piece and its alot easier to tape.

Before I apply my tape I laminate the paper by using packing tape to both sides of the paper, this makes it nice and shiny and some what durable.

This is one method you can do , get some low stick tape or masking tape and tape the outside of the pieces you are working on. Then use the good tape and apply on the inside. Once you are done on the inside remove the masking tape from the outside and continue until you are all done. You may need to tape some key areas on the outside to make sure it stays together well.

Good luck, and post pics when your done
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