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Originally Posted by TDMModels View Post
I have been wanting an MD500 scale body for my MCPx and there are few options.

I was inspired by the paper bodies in this thread and decided to take a 3-view of an
MD-500 and develop a paper fold version. This is the first result. It fits nice and does
not effect the CG at all. Still have easy access to the battery. Looks nice flying!

I've attached the PDF with the paint scheme and just the outline for importing to Photoshop. Maybe some of you photoshop artists can develop some nice paint schemes or improve on the design. I pull the tail together at the back of the body and tape secure with some transparent tape. Now that I've done this one, I think I would "paint" the inside black or something other than white. Another idea would be to cut out the door windows and put clear acetate on the inside.

The shape is pretty much exact scale from the 3-view. If I had a taller gear/skid it would look better... maybe another mod
Man that looks good

Be blessed

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