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Default The Spartan DataPod thread

The DataPod has been launched this week and stock is in transit to shops. It has been marketed as a display terminal for configuring Spartan gyros and soon the Vortex VX1 flybarless, but it is a bit more than that. I hope this post will allow people to see the bigger picture.

The DataPod is miniature computer that can run various programs (applications) that you can load to it from your computer via USB. The pre-installed application "Editor for ds760 & Quark", as you would expect, allows tweaking the configuration parameters of these gyros. But in the following months other handy tools will be provided. For example:

* The "USB Joystick" app turns the DataPod into a USB joystick. Plug a PPM/SBUS/Sat receiver and you can wirelessly play games and certain simulators that accept joystick control. (You still need the original sim dongle or use a free sim)

* The "RC Diagnostic Tools" app provides servo tester, radio latency analysis, servo pulse measurements such as position and frame rate and even a simulated oscilloscope view. Other handy tools can be added as ideas fly around.

So, why are all these apps pre-loaded? Well, the hardware has limited capabilities and there is only so much computer code that can fit in it. Also certain things are by nature incompatible, extremely complicated to implement and the product may loose it user friendliness it it can't auto detect your gyro, etc.

The last thing that is built in the DataPod its bootloader and "Bridge Mode". To enable either one press the [S] button whist plugging it to USB. The bootloader enables the DataPod to receive new apps. The Bridge Mode allows other products like the Vortex VX1 to be connected to USB through the DataPod so they can receive firmware updates.

If you have questions about your DataPod this is the thread to ask. Also I will be proving here notifications when new apps become available.


Guide to Updating the DataPod for use with the Vortex VX1 and VX1n

Step-by-step video guide to applying firmware updates to the Datapod, Vortex VX1 and VX1n

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