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Default "Virtual Flash-Link" vs "Bridge Mode"

I am sure this will be asked a lot. Effectively both "Virtual Flash-Link" and "Bridge Mode" offer the same end result. They allow another Spartan products to be connected to the computer though the USB port of the DataPod.

The Bridge Mode is the new system and offers a more elegant implementation. It used drivers that are built in Windows and other operating systems so it installs instantly and with no need for computer skills. The Bridge Mode is built in to the DataPod and is always available regardless of what application is installed. To activate hold the DataPod's [S] button pressed whist plugging it to USB.

The Virtual Flash-Link makes the DataPod appear as a serial (COM) port on your computer, thus allowing the older ds760 and Quark PC programs to communicate with the gyro through the DataPod as these programs don't support the new Bridge Mode. Virtual Flash-Link is part of the DataPod application "Editor for ds760 & Quark" and was introduced in version 1v10. To activate just plug the DataPod to USB.


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