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I used blue just about everywhere including the main grips. When I pulled one apart a few hours ago I had to put a bit of force on it, and it popped loose as the loctite came apart. Personally, I think blue is just fine unless it's in a high heat area, and I only use green on pinions that are going onto a round shaft, and I've test flown enough that I'm going to stick with that gear.

If you look at the docs, red holds to 150-350 lb/in of torque on a m10 bolt, while blue holds to 71-168 lb/in. Either is plenty, given that neither are going to back themselves out, but the red can be much more difficult to remove. In fact, if you don't use a little heat and you are removing a small steel bolt from aluminum, red is strong enough that it could damage the threads, and green must have heat or your going to tear up the bolt.

Also, 6061 is annealing at 775F, which is not a ton more than the 500F that you need to break down red, so you really need to be careful.

The only two places I have red is on the tail grips (because I didn't want them very tight, so I'm using the loctite to hold them, instead of making them tight and using blue) and the main motor because of heat, and it's easy to get heat onto the bolts for disassembly.
I would never use anything but red on a spindle shaft. I would rather ruin a spindle shaft or m5 bolt than risk it backing out.

Another solution is to use the green loctite that is not a retainer compound, I forget the number off the top of my head, but it's a little stronger than blue 242 but has more oil resistance. Removable on m2 and up without heat usually. Most people really overdue the threadlock. you just need about 1/4 of the threads covered, the rest will get coated as the bolt is inserted.


Before I even ordered an X7 I purchased about $30 in socket head cap screws from McMaster Carr, 12.9 grade. If you need some let me know. The little 2mm heads on the gaui's just don't sit well with me!
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