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Talking want to trade for a large scale surface gasser...truck buggy,car..on offroad

Hey john here...Construction worker(road work) with time /money issues with winter lay off when I have the time i have no money when I have the money I have no time.and hardly anywhere to fly or when the conditions are good I am busy working...... heli collection is huge ranging from 550gaui,450x2/1 trex450pro fbl total pimp other is a exceed full metal clone,400 blade,200gaui,100x4ep 100's same as the gaui200 just short , micro's walkera 4g3's x 2...more but I could ramble all day..,lipo's for all,extra parts for all, charger,radios spektrum and futaba, walkera...two different flight sims...I just want a gas r/c and can't affort to buy out-right now.(taxes I owe i owe)..and just no time to fly the heli' the surface alot better...gotta have good conditions to fly..can run surface anytime winter too when I have time.everything is in very good condition......
.Hell I have a 1950 baby lincoln rat rod project car with engine and trans...lot's of collected parts(this would be for an ultimate lot type trade nitro,elect,gas...but only surface)...Just have lot's of project's/toy's and no money.....
or a 1984 honda cr250r dirt bike runs good and very fast..the dirt bike is a collectable and perfect candidate for resto...not beat to shit and runs good and fast..Live in illinois champaign /urbana and with lay off I can meet half way or all the way for the right deal
John [email protected] know it's a hot issue but would consider a clone
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