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Yes it needed parts..I knew it problem was with the quaility of the new parts, I bought for it...a brand new complete one way hub should not have a wobble of .32 my old one tested .03 the first new main gear i bought for it was out of round pretty bad, but to add to the out of round it had a bad wobble I bought another new maingear, it had no wobble what so ever, but was just slightly out of round, which made all the difference in the world...also the brand new auto hub was so tight, i could barely turn it over by hand..I dont think I posted that info public but maybe I did...Im not complaining about the heli, I got it to fly pretty good, but you know all the trouble I have had dealing with "parts" issues...I even took a pic of the 2 auto hubs together showing the difference in size...quality control issues! both should have the same demensions, but they were off, I noticed it when putting on new main gear#2 you had to push very hard to get it to slide on the one way ...and the older one way had a much easier fit being a bit smaller ...anyway like you said, you have had very good luck with them, and thats good for you, but man my luck with them was very bad...and it sounds like Im not the only one...just found all these posts today on here....wish I would have read them about 2 months ago
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