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Shuttle pilot is a very nice person, and I respect what he likes to fly...but I also have the right to express my opinions too....not everybody is going to have the same opinion, Im sorry if it offends you Shuttlepilot, when I talk negative about QWW...but its our freedom of speech..I can understand where you come from, if someone was bashing the quality of Raptors, I would feel exactly the same as you do ... because I have owned 5 raptors, and not once EVER had a quality control issue...infact my very first raptor 30 V1 I learned on a long time ago, still flys of my coworkers bought it from I understand how you defend them so much..You have had no issues! very understandable!...Like me ..I would wonder how someone could not like a Raptor, but there are plenty out there...Its just personal expierences that make people like or dislike certain models...but One good thing we all have in common, is we all like to fly Helis..and thats what its all about, building , tinkering and flying!!!..and occasional "bitching" LOL!! Im definately guilty of that for sure!...anyway no hard feelings
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