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I have been using both the Oversky HP03T "regular" 2.9g, and the "new" HP03T 2.5g with Plantraco together with HP06v2, WOW07 and HP08. And I am happy with both. The 2.9g has 12 magnets, while the 2.5g has 6 magnets, and the 2.9G is more powerful and probably a safer bet.

Anybody else have other experiences on tail motors?

Originally Posted by rfto View Post
Great work Steffen! Thanks for your tremendous effort!

I am currently running an XP-12A (with converter) and HP06v2 main motor.
I am using a 120SR tail with Plantraco 65mm prop.

Encouraged by your great documentation, I'd like to install a brushless tail
with the XP-3A. What motor and prop would you recommend? Would a
Oversky HP03T be a good choice?
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