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The stock tail servo doesn't compare to the HSG-5084 when it comes to piro speed and hold when you let go of the stick. It's specs are faster but that's all that's faster about it. Of course this needs to be taken in context with the gyro which I'm basing my claims on, the stock G210.
The stock servo has a speed of 0.03 sec/60 degrees while the HSG-5084 has a speed of 0.07

The stock servo weighs 7.6 grams while the HSG-5084 weighs 21.9 grams. Almost three times as much.

The stock servo costs $18.99 while the HSG-5084 costs $39.99

The stock servo has 11 ounces of torque while the HSG-5084 has 21.

The stock servos works just fine in this heli. Look at the promo videos. If you guys want to spend the money to upgrade to heavier more expensive servos be my guest but unless you are looking for crash durability there is no need to.

Just my opinion.
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