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Originally Posted by David Eichstedt View Post
I don't know how to interpret that ellipse.

Maybe I am misinterpreting it but that sort of looks like a smart comment. Apologies in advance if it isn't but it seems that way. And to be honest, it galls me.

So... here goes...

When I ordered my first pair of flybarred CFs, I though I'd go Blade, yes. They made this heli, they should fit. I ordered them. They arrived. They didnt' fit. I found out I had to shim the darn things. I was lucky I had a HW kit at the time.

Mikel later comes out and apologises - and promises the blades will now ship with shims. Good on him. I liked that. Honesty, admitting a mistake.


I called our our sole appointed blade distributor after that - you know who they are or can find out, Dave. As of prior to the new year they still were not shipping them with shims. I understand our kiwi buddy 2cants recently fond out those CF's in our region are still not shipping with shims. I don't know how the rest of you stateside are doing.

Do you realize your blades are not competive compared to aligns we can get for less than half the price and are arguably better balanced from the word go? Do you realize for about 10 bucks more, I get SABs?

Then... we have the aluminium tail bling stuff... i.e. the aluminium tail case bling stuff that don't fit the stock plastic tail. Did anyone tell us that was the case? No.. ho.. ho.. we gotta get the CF tails. What about the CF horizontal stabilisers? Or look.. if we got the formal blade CF tail/stabilisers, and had stock plastic mounts, what then? Did ANY of you tell us about the incompatibility?

Now the aluminium grips. What's the deal with that? What blades are actually supposed to go in there? I do not believe Being is asking a silly question... with what we know about the aluminium tail bling.... if he says the stock woodies don't fit them I believe him. they are either poorly machined out of tolerance or they are machined instead for the official blade CF's and nobody told us about it.

Did you ever THINK of telling us about these things?

Maybe you did make an announcement but frankly all I recall is Mikel telling us about the shims. Good on him for that - I really respect him.

Don't get me wrong, you guys make some great stuff. mCP X is one ground breaking heli. I'm looking forward to your 300 as well. May give the T-Rex 250 and gaui's something possibly to worry about. I'm waiting to see what your 500 is going to be like.

But I don't know how to interpret that ellipse... Could be construed as smart or condescending or showing a distinct lack of respect for your customers.

Just my interpretation. I apologise if it's wrong. But how else could one interpret it? If Being can't tell us what fits in those Al grips I'd like to know what you think does....

You're lucky you've got guys like James, Mikel and Dave (Ribbe) here. Honestly, that was uncalled for.

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