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I guess I could rest my case on this note... servo speed isn't as important as torque. I have a B450 all stock and a B450 with the Hitec tail servo. The Hitec heli piros are much faster with crisper holds when you let go of the stick than the stock servo.
When we are talking about tail servo, then speed is more important than torque! That's why there actually high speed (for rudder) and high torque (for cyclic) servos on the market. In any case, stock servo is pretty good untill you load it very hard. My flying skills just don't let me load it up to it's limit. However, I went for MKS 95i which is the best you can buy today. I can't tell that it was worth doing right now, maybe in future, but still not sure! I could have five stock servos for that money.
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