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Originally Posted by spykez View Post
Looks great!

Might I ask, were the align's better than the stock CF that came with it?

I suspect they are cheaper - but I don't know what the cost of formal blade spares will cost here.

What are the grips like, will they take aligns etc.. as they are or do you still have to shim them like the old flybar grips?

(Can't wait for my 300X, probably not get this as my B450 is already FBL'ed - just curious)
I haven't flown the stock blades yet and don't plan on it anytime soon because they are Black (Very difficult for me to keep track of in the air given the current weather conditions in NY and surroundings of the field I'm flying at right now). I flew the Aligns because I've been flying these for 1.5+ years on the BeastX controller with other FBL machines and I understand what has to change in the system if needed.

The grips are the same and the 450 today and you still need to run spacers on the blades.....Not a big deal but makes changing blades out a bit more of a PITA.

Hope this helps....
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