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Originally Posted by mtuccio View Post

No disrespect was intended in my post and I will explain why I didn't fly the blades that came with the kits:
  • I'm in NY state and the weather is such that the skys are grey right now so the black blades have a tendency to disappear.
  • The field that I'm flying at right now is a harvested Corn field which is very dark in color and again the blades tend to disappear closer to the ground.
  • The surrounding of the field are mountains which are dark grey in color and again make the blades disappear.
This being said I would like to comment to the others that read this:
  • The stock blades are very well matched as David has described. Mine were within a 0.1 grams in weight and the CG of both blades was spot on.
  • The stock blades are a true 325mm blade measuring from hole to tip where the Aligns that I was flying are a 315mm Blade.
In regards to your comment on "The 450x is powerful"
  • The 450 X is OK on power it has some decent puch but not "powerful" as you have stated. I understand that our definitions of this could be different but when I think of powerful in a 450 I tend to think about the Scorpion 2221-8 or the Align 450MX. These motors are powerful and not even in the same category as the 440 motor supplied on the 450 X.
  • The headspeed is much better than the B400 that I had sometime ago but also still not that high in todays 450 market. I typically run 3200-3600rpm on my 450 heads today and I'm certain that the 450 X is not getting to this. Can you tell me what the headspeed of the 450 X is at 0 degrees pitch and at the extremes running just a flat 100% throttle curve? Also, can you give me the calculated calculated draws under these conditions? (I planned on putting a tach on it today but the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate right now.)
Just wanted to clear this up and please let me know on the headspeed and current draws...

PS - I've been flying the BeastX controller since the v2 was released and have tons of experience with it on machines ranging from 250 to 700+ in size. I understand exactly what settings and pot positions need to change from when I change blades from Align, Edge, and CY's so I think I could say that I'm qualified when it comes to this. I just wanted you personally to understand my level of understanding in regards to this....I didn't know exactly how to read into what you above but I meant no disrrespect by changing the baldes over to Align.....Peace


Let me see if I can answer a few questions here...

As far as the power of the 450 X, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I will not argue that the other motors you have mentioned are more powerful than the 440H motor, BUT, you need to account for the fact that the stock 450 X is about 100 grams lighter than your typical 450 RTF. For a helicopter of this size, this is VERY significant.

As far as headspeed, again, you'll be happy to know, at 0 pitch, fresh pack, it's turning 3600. When it reaches the flat part of the battery curve, it's between 3100-3300, which is typical for 450 helicopters.

You have a helicopter that is 100 grams lighter, and turning the same headspeed as other 450s. Whereas other 450s run 14 degrees of pitch, I programmed the 450 X for only 12. Why? Fly it and you'll see that any more is truly unnecessary. In terms of raw power, yes other machines are more powerful. But in terms of the performance of the package, the 450 X will hang with the best of them and will feel much lighter than the rest of them (lighter disc loading). The lighter disc loading, combined with lower overall pitch also means longer flight times compared to other 450s. You can get a SOLID 4 minute flight of all out banging the sticks with the stock E-flite 2200mAh 30C pack.

Also, I recommend that users use the included E-flite pack. It is lighter than most other batteries and using heavier batteries will negate the lower weight benefit the 450 X offers.

Hope this helps.

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