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Originally Posted by MikelG View Post

Let me see if I can answer a few questions here...

As far as the power of the 450 X, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I will not argue that the other motors you have mentioned are more powerful than the 440H motor, BUT, you need to account for the fact that the stock 450 X is about 100 grams lighter than your typical 450 RTF. For a helicopter of this size, this is VERY significant.

As far as headspeed, again, you'll be happy to know, at 0 pitch, fresh pack, it's turning 3600. When it reaches the flat part of the battery curve, it's between 3100-3300, which is typical for 450 helicopters.

You have a helicopter that is 100 grams lighter, and turning the same headspeed as other 450s. Whereas other 450s run 14 degrees of pitch, I programmed the 450 X for only 12. Why? Fly it and you'll see that any more is truly unnecessary. In terms of raw power, yes other machines are more powerful. But in terms of the performance of the package, the 450 X will hang with the best of them and will feel much lighter than the rest of them (lighter disc loading). The lighter disc loading, combined with lower overall pitch also means longer flight times compared to other 450s. You can get a SOLID 4 minute flight of all out banging the sticks with the stock E-flite 2200mAh 30C pack.

Also, I recommend that users use the included E-flite pack. It is lighter than most other batteries and using heavier batteries will negate the lower weight benefit the 450 X offers.

Hope this helps.

Couldn't have been better said.

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