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Default Trex600 Nitro Pro Build Vids

OK here is where the Trex600 Nitro Pro vids will be.

I know Mercuriell did some segments on this heli to cover areas of the Trex that were different from the 600 Electric. He did a DAMN good job too! But since I like to do vids I plan to do the entire build on video. Yes I will be doing every step even though many are like the 600E. But my E vids are now almost a year old so things may be slightly different and I thought it might be good just to do tham all again. Kind of like up to date

I started on Tuesday but only got done "whats in the box". I plan to do more tomorrow and attempt to finish before IRCHA but there is a LOT to cover. I will be doing engine setup and break in, I will show how to set up 2 governors (Curtis ATG and GV1), and MUCH MORE. THis series will probably be my biggest as there is more to cover than an electic.

So let get on with it:

Video Link ->What's in the box!! (14 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 1 - Head and Grip Assembly (48 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 2 - Seesaw and Flybar Assembly (85 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 3 - Swash Plate and Washout Assembly (24 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 4 - Main Gear and Engine Clutch Assembly (38 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 5 - Main Frame Assembly (85 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 6 - Mounting the Fan, Clutch and Governor Magnets (57 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 7 - Mounting and setting up the GV1 and ATG / TJ Pro Gov Sensors (66 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 8 - Installing the Motor and Fan Shroud (28 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 9 - Installing The Servo Bellcranks (33 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 10 - Servo Installation (30 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 11 - Servo and Bellcrank Setup (80 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 12 - Fuel Tank and Fuel lines (56 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 13 - Throttle Servo install and setup (48 Megs)

Wow the GV-1 took me some time to get right. Several reshoots etc. I wanted to give you all the MOST info about it's use as possible. Anyway this one is in 2 parts!
Video Link ->Step 14 - Part 1 / GV-1 Overview and base radio setup (50 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 14 - Part 2 / GV-1 Menus and setup (60 Megs)

Here is a neat tip I figured out. How to make a throttle cut switch for a DX7 radio!
Video Link ->How to set up a Throttle Cut Switch on a DX7 radio (23 Megs)

OK here is the Curtis ATG gov setups. Easier to setup than a GV-1 and is much like the TJ Pro. ALSO some might want to watch part 2 as a show a neat trick to get 3 RPM's tied to your idel up switch! This would be helpful to TJ Pro users as well!!!
Video Link ->Step 15 - Part 1 / Curtis ATG Overview and base radio setup (43 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 15 - Part 2 / Curtis ATG setup and how to setup a DX7 for 3 gov RPMs tied to idle up switch! (60 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 16 - Tail Drive and Tail Assmebly (48 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 17 - Torque Tube and Tail Boom Installation (57 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 18 - Tail Servo with GY601 and Tail Control Linkage Setup (48 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 19 - Head and Head Linkage Setup (39 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 20 - Electronics Placement (35 Megs)

Video Link ->Step 21 - Landing Gear (15 Megs)


OK here is the first flight vids and my attempt at showing how to break-in and tune a OS50. I feel bad about this vid (not up to the quality I would have liked to do) as I guess I just dont do that great out in the field with training vids... But I do believe this covers the basics. In the end PLEASE let me know what you would like to see on this stuff as I am willing to DO MORE.
Video Link ->Break-in and engine tuning (50 Megs)

More to follow!


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