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Originally Posted by mtuccio View Post
You might want to take a peak at this thread. I don't know if your information is completely correct based on what Horizon is saying. I haven't tried doing anything with it yet but they have stated that:
  • The microbest USB donggle can be used to update the AR7200BX
  • The helicopter specific settings can be removed or loaded into the unit
  • The AR7200BX is running the same core v3 software as the microbeast
Give them a litte time...I'm sure it will happen shortly.....

Here is the link:

I see nothing in that thread that would make anything I said incorrect.

The beastx usb interface does not include software that works with the AR7200BX.

Try loading the Beastx micro setting software and it does not work, it error out and says wrong hardware version.

Software from Spektrum to access the AR7200BX for micro settings or fw updates is not available.

Yes I have read where they says what you can do with the software but the software is not available, there aren't any fw updates.

There is no "open stock" firmware available.

There aren't any firmware updates available. I wish there were, it would be nice to be able to over ride Spektrums choice to include useless failsafe behavior with the AR7200BX making it very difficult to program other speed controllers without having to use a separate rx or power supply to the AR7200BX.

With that said it is a nice unit I have 2. Programming with the TX once you have gone thru it a few times is intuitive.

One of the best things you can do is download the beastx manual which is a lot more thorough and makes understanding how to completely setup the unit a lot easier.
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