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Hi everyone,

I am very excited to hear that people are enjoying their Blade 450 X. I am very happy with the performance that it offers.

I just wanted to make a few comments...

Be careful when choosing your blades. There ARE differences between blades that can and will affect the performance of the AR7200BX. I noticed that the Align blades are 18 gr. This is on the light side and I'm willing to bet that their lead angle is aggressive. This does not mean that these blades won't work on the Blade 450 X, BUT you will need and should adjust a few things on the AR7200BX. When dealing with blades that are very light and aggressive, you will probably have to reduce dial 1 to avoid oscillations and 'overshoot'. Consequently, if you reduce dial 1, you may need to adjust dial 2 to maintain the feel (which way, depends on the blades).

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