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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
So the frame is about just as big as any other 700?

How would you compare it to other 700s?

And also, what is the AUW of your Goblin 700 with 12S? I want to make sure that if I get a 700, I won't get like a Logo 600SE being all light and floaty - basically a stretched 600. SMACK!
The frame actually looks smaller because of the servo layout. Everything sits close together on the same aluminum base plate. I don't have a T700e to really compare against. But it does look smaller.

The weight without battery is 3450g. Just add battery of your choice. A 12s5000mAh pack should weigh about 1600-1700g. That makes it 5050-5150g flying weight.

With that huge Quantum motor, it is heavier than T700e's with stock components. Heavier helicopters smack better!

Flying characteristics will be reported soon because I haven't had that many flights on it. The vbar tuning has not finished.
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