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Hey Gang,
Been awhile since I've flown my helis, but getting back to it a bit...Have a Trex450 SE, and I have some parts, but I needed a tail shaft to rebuild the tail, and I go to my LHS who had everything 450 2 years ago, and now they don't have hardly anything...No main blades, no tail parts, nothing....Everybody has gone to 500's the clerk said....Did Align stop making parts for the 450SE? Am I chasing something that I can't find? Do I need to pack the other Trex450SE kit away and save it for a few more years to sell on Ebay as an "antique out-of-date" kit? Where does evrybody get tail parts for their 450's? After reading Bob's Ramblings rant, I got the itch to fly the 450 again, and now finding parts has become an issue...Does this mean the big brown truck is going to become my best friend?
Any ideas would help...
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