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Originally Posted by Long Nguyen View Post
I have been waiting for some final electronics to come to finish the build. I got everything except for the YGE 120A 16s version (because I want to run a 16s setup). The ESC is not coming in another week so I decided to strap a 12s setup onto it for now:

Kontroniks HeliJive 120A
Quantum 4530 500KV motor (this is soon to be bundled with the kit)
Pulse 12s4500mAh 45C

Due to a little time I have right now and the weather has not been favorable, I only had a 2 minute flight yesterday with a few punch-outs and flips. Everything went successfully. Little do I know about it is that the collective is BALLISTIC! I was running only 12 degrees of pitch and 1900rpm, and the thing shots up the sky effortlessly! Don't forget to mention the quantum 4530 500KV definitely has a huge load of torque in it!

This weekend, I will be testing this setup more with detail information about the in-flight current draw, wattage and headspeed.

Besides, I have a few statistics for you guys: RTF weight without batteries = 3450g. This is with the HeliJive 120A which is a relatively light ESC (built-in BEC), and the 570g Quantum motor. The manual states 3290g (not sure with what setup). The Trex700e weighs pretty much in the same range.

For more information about the quantum motor, please visit:

Stay tuned for more reports!
Any more updates about flying with the Quantum 4530... i.e. is hard on the batterys, does it run cool, etc.

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