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Default Flight data update!

Today I finally had some chance to fly my Goblin. I did totally 5 flights. I started to enjoy it more. Here is the report:

- Flight characteristics: For cyclic/ collective I didn't like it at first. I wanted it to be smooth, graceful and still do good smacks (like the logo 600). The goblin was solid but too STIFF. Too stiff to the point that the maneuvers were hard to carry out smoothly and gracefully. This is because of the goblin's extra stiff/rigid dampeners.
To adjust it to my like, I had to lower the Vbar main rotor gain to the 50's and still deviate from this point to improve it. Besides, the style value was high medium. With new Vbar settings, I started to like it much more!

At first with stock Vbar tail settings (tail gain was 70), the tail performance was poor under side way loops. The stopping power was not good either. I went ahead and raised the I-gain to 75 (I-gain kills the steady state errors hence helps stop power). My main gain was adjusted to mid 60s and it started to perform much better. No more loose tail in sideway loops and stopping power was strong and nice. Moreover, in very fast forward flight, the tail did not "shake" as much!
- Flight data: originally I wanted to run a 14s setup but I had problems with the ESC so I put this setup on hold. I have been running a 12s setup instead.
HeliJive 120HV with internal Governor @ 2100 headpseed
Quantum 4530-500KV motor + 22T pinion
12s batteries. One is 4500mAh 35C, the other is 12s5000mAh 45C.

With the 12s5000 packs flight time was better, the heli felt more powerful and I definitely liked it more. Here are the 2 graphs, one is for each battery.

The HeliJive did a good job in holding the headspeed. However, I still like the Vbar Governor better. I haven't setup Vbar governor on my Goblin (will do soon), but on my Protos 450 and Logo 600, it outperformed the Kontronik. Vbar Governor has a much better collective feel.

The quantum motor worked GREAT. It generates tons of power when I need and still doesn't drain much battery energy. On average, it consumes about 820mAh/min at 12s voltage. With a 5000mAh pack and 80% rule, with my flying style I would be safely able to get 4 mins and 4.5mins if I want to push it. I was pushing 6600-6700watts.
Bottom line, I started to like my Goblin more and more. I still have to find the sweet spots on both head settings and tail settings. I am looking for a good smack machine but still does smooth and graceful maneuvers. Power seems more than enough for general 3D purposes with the current setup.

More reports to come!
Long Nguyen

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