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That bird was on my ass. Flying at the softball fields at Woodlawn and there's an osprey nest on one of the light posts in the outfield. Evidently I got too close and the mate swooped down to come kill the heli. I initially tried to run straight up, but he followed me. Came back down to try to land but he stayed close enough that I wasn't comfortable trying to land. Ended up chasing me from one end of the field to the other 4 or 5 times. Finally decided to try a hot landing, he caught up, chopped the pitch down to dodge, predictably planted it in the grass. Mainshaft snapped off and the bird flew away.

Thankfully everything seems excepting the mainshaft. May need a new head since the top of the shaft is seemingly stuck in there. Ah well, no dead birds, no foul.*whew*

Haven't had that experience yet. I've had an osprey try to snatch my mQX out of midair and give up when it flew sideways and at him. I've hit a seagull before by accident. I usually fly over at parkside mall. Big open field great for just learning basic stuff (like I am). I've got my AMA and have tried to join the local club but evidently I have to get there before 11 to give them money. I hate mornings.

But at least you protected the animal from itself
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