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Originally Posted by Kumba View Post
Haven't had that experience yet. I've had an osprey try to snatch my mQX out of midair and give up when it flew sideways and at him. I've hit a seagull before by accident.
Prior to this it was bees chasing my mCP X. Was unprepared for the raptor attack.

Originally Posted by Kumba View Post
I usually fly over at parkside mall. Big open field great for just learning basic stuff (like I am). I've got my AMA and have tried to join the local club but evidently I have to get there before 11 to give them money. I hate mornings.
Aaah, yeah there is a lot of room out there. May need to make use of that when I'm (infrequently) up in North county.

I keep considering joining Sparks, but having to have AMA membership is a bit bothersome when their activities are becoming increasingly political.

Originally Posted by Kumba View Post
But at least you protected the animal from itself
Yeah, would've been a very bad afternoon for me otherwise. Helicopters and parts are easy enough to replace, more worried about the bird than the heli.
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